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Challenge Instructions

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  • Step 1 - Register For The Challenge

    If you have not registered for the Juneteenth Challenge. You can do so by clicking here. After registering, proceed to Step 2. If you have already registered. Skip this step.

    Step 2 - Download The Score Card

    Once you have completed step 1, you can download the challenge score card by clicking here. Or you can click the button at the bottom to get it as well.

    Step 3 - Open The Score Card In Your Browser

    Once you have downloaded the score card, you will need to open it to view, and fill out the fields. You will need to save the document every time you fill out the fields for that day to save your progress.

    Step 4 - Complete The Challenge

    As you progress, make sure to save your form. Every time you click save, your submitted results will save for you to come back to later. The final points will automatically calculate as your progress.

    Step 5 - Submit The Form For Entry

    Once you have completed the challenge, you can submit your form by using the "Submit Your Score" button below, or by clicking here.